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    eBookA Small Key Opens Big Doors: An Autobiography of an Industrialist Kim Hyang-Soo

    저자 : Kim Hyang-Soo|출판사 : Seoul Selection|2014.01.11

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    본 도서는 본문이 모두 영문으로 구성되어 있습니다.

    ''작은 열쇠가 큰 문을 연다: 집념과 인내의 반도체 인생''

    1968년, 황무지나 다름없던 반도체 산업에 환갑이 다 된 나이에 뛰어들어 아남 반도체 조립부문 세계 1위 업체로 키워낸 김향수 명예회장의 담담하고 진솔한 반도체 개척인생이 그려진다.

    ''A Small Key Opens Big Doors'' is a remarkable story told in Kim Hyang-Soo's own words about how he, together with the people he most cared about--his family, teachers, employees, colleagues, and customers--lived through good times and bad on his way to creating and managing one of the most outstanding endeavors the world has known.

    “What is so remarkable about Honorable Kim Hyang-Soo is the fact that, despite all of his accomplishments as an industrialist, politician, and calligrapher, he remained humble, as can be seen throughout the pages of his autobiography. His humility is awe-inspiring, considering the fact that he was one of the key contributors to the economic miracle of Korea.”
    -- From the Afterword by John H. Cha
    FOREWORD?James Joo-Jin Kim

    Chapter 1 Youth
    Chapter 2 My Normal School Days
    Chapter 3 Work by Day, Study by Night
    Chapter 4 Marriage
    Chapter 5 Early Business Ventures
    Chapter 6 ANAM Industries Company
    Chapter 7 The Korean War
    Chapter 8 Trip Around the World
    Chapter 9 Congress Days
    Chapter 10 Searching for a New Enterprise
    Chapter 11 The Semiconductor Industry
    Chapter 12 New Korea Electronics
    Chapter 13 The First Korean Color TV
    Chapter 14 Public Offering (IPO)
    Chapter 15 Diversified Management
    Chapter 16 Management Philosophy

    AFTERWORD?John H. Cha For Love of His Family and Nation

    Translator John H. Cha

    John H. Cha lives and writes in Oakland, California. He has written several volumes of biographies on Korean and American leaders and is an award-winning translator of Korean literature into English.

    His titles include "Willow Tree Shade: The Susan Ahn Cuddy Story," a book about Dosan Ahn Chang-Ho's daughter; "The Do or Die Entrepreneur: A Korean American Businessman's Journey," a book about PACO founder Young Paik; and "Exit Emperor Kim Jong-il: Notes from His Former Mentor." Currently, he is working on ¬"The Rite of Truth: telling/retelling," a book about his sister ¬Theresa Cha.

    Translated works include "Daytime Moon: Song Kijo Poetry Collection"; "Love Yourself, Love Others: Dosan's Way to Leadership"; and "Mother's Song: Park Young-ja Essay Collection."

    Author Kim Hyang-Soo
    Pen name: Ugok
    December 22, 1912 -- June 2, 2003

    1933-1935 School of Law, Nippon University
    1991 Honorary Ph.D., Engineering, Yonsei University

    1939 Founded Japan Manchuria Trading Company
    1953 Founded ANAM Industries, Inc.
    1956 Founded Korea Bicycle Industries, Inc.
    1957 Board member of UN Korea Association
    1958 Member of the 4th National Assembly
    1968 Began ¬first semiconductor business in Korea
    1971 Acquired of New Korea Electronics
    1973 Founded ANAM Electronics, Inc.
    1979 Founded ANAM Semiconductor & Design Co., Ltd.
    1986 Founded ANAM Construction Co., Ltd.
    1987 Founded ANAM Jeong Gong (Fine Works), Inc.
    1992 Honorary Chairman of ANAM Group
    1995-1999 Chairman of Republic of Korea Parliamentarian Society
    2002 Honorary Chairman of AMKOR Technology, Korea

    1973. 2 Presidential Citation Award (for semiconductor & promoting exports)
    1973. 11 Golden Tower Orders of Industrial Service Merit
    1974. 11 Presidential Citation Award (for promoting exports)
    1979. 11 Tower of Honor Award for passing $100 million export mark
    1990. 11 Tower of Honor Award for passing $1 billion export mark
    1993. 10 Inchon Award (Dong-A Ilbo newspaper)
    1995. 10 CHAHM Entrepreneur Award (Chung-Ang University)
    1997. 5 Dasan Management Award (Korea Economic Daily)
    1997. 6 Grand Prize of Business Foundation (Korean Academy of Business Historians)

    1985. 5 Ways to Consistent Devotion
    1991. 12 Ways to Happiness and Prosperity
    1993. 10 A Small Key Opens Big Doors
    1994. 8 Ugok’s Management Philosophy
    1994. 8 Today’s Economic Power Japan, and Its Identity
    1995. 6 Japan and Its Korean Roots
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